Sunday, 28 September 2014



Two trips and a Harvest Celebration!


Last Monday we visited Tesco to learn about where our food comes from. Please look away if you are squeamish! The children were able to touch and smell the fish and many proved very knowledgable when it came to naming the fish!

We also visited the bakery and cheese counter. We loved tasting the cheese but we all agreed that the yeast was incredibly smelly!

On our way through the storage warehouse we found a strange visitor...
On Friday we were lucky enough to visit the library and have a story read in Spanish! The story was called El Patito Feo. Can you tell which story it is? It is about a duckling who isn't very pretty. Guessed yet?

You guessed! It was The Ugly Duckling.
The boys and girls had an opportunity to meet the Mayor and his wife.
And finally, on Friday afternoon we had our school Harvest Celebration.

We have had another busy week haven't we? Next week our blog word of the week will be multiply.

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