Sunday, 14 September 2014

Peek at our week!
Last week was a very busy week. We began the week by sorting words into those that were nouns(naming words) and those that were verbs (doing words).

We found nouns in an Autumn Poem.

We dissected a seed to see what they look like inside. We found a root, shoot, food and a seed coat which protects the baby plant.

In our Art lesson we practised doing the double load technique. We dipped our paintbrushes into white paint then blue paint and used very short strokes. Next week we will use this technique to make a background for our very own Water lilies art work.

On Thursday we visited our forest to collect objects for an autumn poem. We used adjectives to describe the objects.

I wonder what next week will bring....
Our new blog words are seed coat.
Just a reminder that we will be visiting Tesco on Monday 22nd September for a Farm to Fork tour. If you are free to accompany us on this trip please see a member of staff as soon as possible. The children will have their dinner early and we will leave school at around 12:30pm.
See you tomorrow!

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