Sunday, 2 November 2014

Just checking the comments setting on the blog :-)

We grew a paper pumpkin patch!
I hope you have all had a great rest!! The week before half term holiday we used our measuring skills to measure 15cm long orange and green strips of card. We wrote Halloween adjectives on each strip then joined them together. We curled the green strips and added a leaf shape. Et voila.... a pumpkin patch had grown...

Next week our blog word of the week will be England.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

We're almost there...



Many apologies that I have not posted for the last couple of weeks. We are currently designing new school blogs - watch this space...
Next week we will visit The Botanical Gardens for a maths trail activity. This trip will take place on Tuesday 21st October and letters will be coming out tomorrow. We really do need volunteers to accompany us on this trip so if you are free please see a member of staff as soon as possible.
Our blog word of the week next week will be Pumpkin. I am giving the children extra fuzzies and house points if they have checked the blog this week due to the fact that I have not posted for a while.
Many thanks!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014



Two trips and a Harvest Celebration!


Last Monday we visited Tesco to learn about where our food comes from. Please look away if you are squeamish! The children were able to touch and smell the fish and many proved very knowledgable when it came to naming the fish!

We also visited the bakery and cheese counter. We loved tasting the cheese but we all agreed that the yeast was incredibly smelly!

On our way through the storage warehouse we found a strange visitor...
On Friday we were lucky enough to visit the library and have a story read in Spanish! The story was called El Patito Feo. Can you tell which story it is? It is about a duckling who isn't very pretty. Guessed yet?

You guessed! It was The Ugly Duckling.
The boys and girls had an opportunity to meet the Mayor and his wife.
And finally, on Friday afternoon we had our school Harvest Celebration.

We have had another busy week haven't we? Next week our blog word of the week will be multiply.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

What a week!
This week we began to look at adding ten to 2 digit numbers. Some of the children amazed me and were able to add and subtract ten mentally from 3 digit numbers!

We also used the double load technique to begin our backgrounds for our Waterlily pictures.  I think many of the children have really mastered this don't you...

We popped balloons in our Literacy lesson to find verbs hidden inside.

We then sorted the verbs into the correct tense. As you can see from the pictures below, we still have some work to do here!

Mrs D came in on Thursday to do some music with our class. We are learning how to play an instrument and follow a beat to accompany a piece of music. I can still hear the noise (I mean music) now...

On Friday the Revd from our local church came to share some of his favourite stories from the Bible. He was very impressed with the responses the children gave when asked about the story!

Next week our blog word will be Harvest.
Tomorrow we will walk to Tesco for a Farm to fork visit. Please let a member of staff know if you will be accompanying us on this trip. We will also visit the library on Friday and we require additional support as we will be using the public bus service.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We are super excited...
This year we have made a link with a school in Texas and today was our very first Skype! We got to see the teacher and her students as well as ask questions about where they live. The children in Texas were very keen to know about our weather, the Queen and what we ate. We will be studying Texas in more detail next half term and we will write letters and postcards to the children in America to let them know about ourselves. Watch this space...

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Peek at our week!
Last week was a very busy week. We began the week by sorting words into those that were nouns(naming words) and those that were verbs (doing words).

We found nouns in an Autumn Poem.

We dissected a seed to see what they look like inside. We found a root, shoot, food and a seed coat which protects the baby plant.

In our Art lesson we practised doing the double load technique. We dipped our paintbrushes into white paint then blue paint and used very short strokes. Next week we will use this technique to make a background for our very own Water lilies art work.

On Thursday we visited our forest to collect objects for an autumn poem. We used adjectives to describe the objects.

I wonder what next week will bring....
Our new blog words are seed coat.
Just a reminder that we will be visiting Tesco on Monday 22nd September for a Farm to Fork tour. If you are free to accompany us on this trip please see a member of staff as soon as possible. The children will have their dinner early and we will leave school at around 12:30pm.
See you tomorrow!