Saturday, 14 September 2013

What an exciting day we had yesterday! We celebrated Roald Dahl day. Look at some of our characters!

We had a Mr and Mrs Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox. Aren't they cute!!!!

Mrs H and Mrs D came dressed as peaches from James & The Giant Peach and a spider arrived first
thing in the morning! Aren't they clever - these costumes were all homemade!!

Miss D and her crew of witches from The Witches! Are you scared?

We had lots of fun jobs to do too, all linked to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. We counted and sorted sweets and golden tickets in the sand.



We twisted, squashed and rolled play dough to make our own play dough sweets. Yummy!!

We decorated sweets and cupcakes in the Invention Room! This activity was a favourite in Year One!!


We invented our own magical sweets and wrote about what they could do. Some of the children invented sweets that could turn you pink or make you grow and shrink. Some had sweets that made you pop or fly!!

We counted sweets, matched them to the number and put the numbers in order. Aren't we a clever bunch?

Some children had great fun writing postcards to Roald Dahl to tell him about all the fun things we had done. At the end of the day we watched the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. The children loved the chocolate milkshake!

Don't forget to check the blog tomorrow for our new blog word of the week. 5 children whispered the word last week and earned a fuzzy for our class bucket - well done blog readers! When the bucket is full the whole class get to have a reward.

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