Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year!!! I apologise that I have not written on the blog recently - isn't Christmas a busy time of year! Next week the blog word of the week will be - Happy New Year. If you tell me the word then you earn a house point and a fuzzy in the bucket for taking the time to read the blog. This term we will be learning about Houses and Homes. In the second week back (beginning 13th January) we will be having a walk around the local area to look at the different kinds of homes. We will probably do this on the Tuesday of that week and we will leave school at 1:10pm and return to school for around 2:00 - 2:15pm. We need 2 volunteers to come on this walk. If you are free to accompany us please let me know next week. Please keep checking the block this term for more photo's and information about what is happening in our classroom.
Happy New Year!

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