Monday, 4 November 2013

Today was a very special day for the children in Year One. Can you guess where we went?

We visited Build a Bear Workshop! The children had a chance to choose a new pet Teddy for our classroom. We were all given a heart and we had to kiss it and make a wish. Each of the hearts was then put inside of our special bear.
Next we were able to stuff the bear. The children wanted our bear to be nice and cuddly.
Then we had to decide if the bear would be a boy or girl. It was a unanimous decision - he is a boy! Choosing the outfit for him was so much fun!
And here he is - Tom the Teddy! Doesn't he have cool shoes and don't you just love his hat? Can you spot who is on his T-shirt?
Tomorrow the children will write thank you letters to the staff at Build a Bear  - they were wonderful! Next week the children are going to make their very own bear puppets. If you like to sew and would like to come and help us to support the children in developing their sewing skills, then please let me know when you are free to come into school.


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