Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a lucky bunch we are. Yesterday we had a visit from a palaeontologist. Dinosaur Mike came to our school to tell us about fossils. We also learnt just how big dinosaurs were. Did you know that some dinosaurs were so small they could fit into the palm of your hand? Take a look at what we found out...
This is a fossil. We learnt that real fossils came from things that used to be alive. You can tell if a fossil is real because it
should feel very cold and heavy.

This is our class Palaeontologist! He knows all about dinosaurs. He is holding the fossil of a jaw bone
from a triceratops. Just look at the holes where his teeth would have been!!!

This is the rib cage from a triceratops. Dinosaur Mike told us that two children could fit inside the stomach of a triceratops and that if they held their arms out really wide they would not touch the sides of the triceratops tummy!!!!

This was perhaps the scariest fossil - a tooth from a T - Rex. We learnt that our teeth are actually the sharper than the teeth of T-Rex. T-Rex were meat eaters and we call these carnivores.
We had such fun - on Friday we are going to write our own reports all about fossils.

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